Admission Guide

“L’Isola Felice” International Trilingual Kindergarten teach children Italian, Chinese and Western cultures. Our children will learn to be humble from the Chinese education, but also creative, free and open mind from the Western education. At “L’Isola Felice” International Trilingual Kindergarten, we are proud to have multilingual teaching.We are convinced that young children are very good language learners. If your child learns a second language in the golden age of the 3-6 year old, the child can improve extremely the potential for learning other languages.

At the age of 3-6, it is very easy for a child to learn a new language, even if it is considered the world’s most difficult language – Chinese.

We live in a multi-ethnic country, where Italian, Chinese and English will be very important. So, at “L’Isola Felice” International Trilingual Kindergarten, we think is important the child to learn a variety of languages ​​from an early age. We welcome students from all countries and cultural backgrounds to join our team to create a family with an exciting and rich diversity of students.